There will be golf, but when? We don’t know yet, but we invite you to support your favorite golf courses and take advantage of exceptional deals!

Following the instructions of our governments, golf courses must remain closed until April 13, and this situation saddens us all, but it is for the common good. That said, sooner or later the courses will open again and golfers will be there!

We have repeatedly had questions about the validity of your purchases and whether there are expiration dates for them. To reassure you, we refer to the consumer protection law (P-40.1, SECTION V.1) which stipulates that the value of your purchase remains without an expiration date. For example: If you buy a green fee for $30 and you don’t use it this season, this value can be carried over to the following year. If this same green fee is now valued at $33, the amount paid applies as credit and you only have to pay the difference, which is $3.

So that said, your purchases will not be lost and all together you will help the golf courses start the season off right, when the time comes.


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How to proceed?

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